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Touching the Heart of an Artist

It’s so easy to touch someone’s heart, but we fail so often to make the effort.  I did so yesterday, almost by accident.  I spent the weekend at Jon Acuff’s START Conference in Nashville, based on the New York Times best selling book START.    It was NOT a motivational conference…it was an inspirational gathering of a community of people that are on their personal journeys to find their awesome.  I heard touching stories and shook hands and hugged some of the greatest people of this generation…and that was just the audience.  After the conference, I met comedian John Crist, & Artist Dana Tanamachi at a private dinner.  But that’s really not the story.

Yesterday, I got my haircut and during the conversation I looked at the lady in the mirror and asked her, quite out of the blue, “What is your dream?”
She asked what I meant.
I said if you could do anything, what would your “anything” be?
She looked stunned and said, I just cut hair. I told her she wasn’t a hair cutter but an artist that made people feel good about themselves and artists were dreamers.

She just stood there looking stunned. A tear rolled down her cheek. I let her soak it in, wondering if I had went too far.  I’m guessing she started thinking about all the “what ifs” in life that she didn’t have the courage to chase.

She was quiet the remainder our time together and I respected her thoughts and didn’t interrupt them.

I left her a large tip and told her to not forget to chase her dream.

As long as that lady is breathing, she can still live her AWESOME.

And she hugged me as I left.