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I’m a Crime Victim

This morning I found out I had been robbed.

While my focus has been elsewhere, sometime over the last 3 months someone has taken a few things and I never took the time to notice.  I’m not sure how I’m suppose to feel about it.

If I had been at home more, I know it would not have happened.  But I’ve let myself become distracted by a new exercise obsession and I’m not at the house in the evenings nearly as much as before.

I have a big meeting at work today and I need to wear something nicer than my khakis.  My favorite suit was pulled from the closet and when I put on my pants, they slid right down.  Something wasn’t right.  I checked the label to make sure someone hadn’t switched pants on me.  Nope.

Then an idea struck.  I got out a measuring tape.

The audacity of the crime!!!!

They took 3 inches from my tummy.

They took another 2 inches from my chest.

And to top it off, they walked out with an inch and a half from each of my thighs.

They stole it from my body while I was busy exercising.

My wife advised me not to call the police.

Be Awesome!