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Seven for an Awesome Weekend

Seven simple things to do this weekend…

  1. Turn off your smart-phone (for the love of all that’s good and holy!!!)
  2. Call someone from your past (not necessarily your ex), just to say “hello.”
  3. Hold the door for the next person (bonus points if they are 20+ years older than you)
  4. Smile at a baby (they USUALLY smile back..if they start crying, quickly walk the other way)
  5. Get up early (coffee helps…really) and spend some quality time thinking
  6. Read a book (the sports ticker doesn’t count)
  7. Eat something you’ve never eaten before (if you need a suggestion, add bacon to a PB&J…yum!)

Slow down…smell the proverbial roses.  Try living in “the now”… just one weekend.  

It’s liberating!

Be awesome!